Fall Vibes

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Hey everyone!  I’m sharing with you some photos from the shoot I did with Heenie Photography who is a Kenyan photographer that I met during my friend’s shoot.

Originally, I was asked by a friend to do  makeup  during a  shoot showcasing her handmade African-inspired dresses and accessories that I ended up doing a quick photoshoot as well.

I didn’t have trendy clothes at the time except for the few items that I had purchased from my last visit to the Philippines and from a local RTW store that is equivalent to Target in North America. I love clothes, who doesn’t? But, living in Nairobi has definitely taught me to be frugal in terms of clothes shopping.  It helps that there’s a limited amount of places to shop here.  The malls carry international brands but they don’t often have the edgy and trendy stuff that I like.  So, Mr. Price and another African retail chain would be my go-to place for inexpensive clothing.  That being said, I still control my urge to shop for things that I know I won’t be wearing for another year or two.

 I’m in the stage of purging my closet with items that are too short or skimpy. In fact, I am letting go of my ultra short “going-clubbing-dresses” as it’s no longer appropriate to the formal events that I normally go to.

On casual days though, this skirt is my current obsession! I like wearing it during the day paired with my Stan Smiths or a pair of knee high boots for when the weather gets chilly at night.

What piece of clothing are you loving lately?

Top: H&M

Skirt: Mr. Price

Shoes: Call It Spring