My self-care sunday

Where did the week go?  It’s sunday already??

I’m currently in Abuja (the capital city of Nigeria) and I must say my life has been moving pretty slow since I’ve been here.  Slow because it’s a far cry from my busy social calendar in Lagos! 🙂  My sundays in Lagos are usually spent at the beach with friends or quietly relaxing at home.  Today we did the latter.



I woke up feeling less energetic than usual but partly because I missed out on my morning routine.  A few months ago, I committed to doing a “morning routine” that was inspired by  Tim Ferris and a few other successful individuals.

So, my day typically starts with a cup of warm lemon water followed by coconut oil coffee with medicinal mushrooms, journalling, yoga/ stretching, and meditation.  My day starts on a high note when I follow everything to a tee but the moment I miss out, I’m easily distracted and unproductive.

Long story short, it felt like something was missing from my day.

Luckily,  we were blessed with good weather so I went for a long walk with my husband.   When I came home, already buzzing with energy, I did a quick HIIT workout and an ab circuit.  It’s amazing how quickly my mood changed from blah to good.  Then finally,  it’s time for a nourishing glass of green smoothie followed by some reading time.  I’m currently reading Shambala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior.   It’s such a great book on spirituality and a guidebook for enlightened living.

“What is self-care ?” you might ask.  It’s taking a “time out” from the mundane to do something that feels good to your soul whether it’s going for a long walk, reading,  drinking a glass of smoothie, or even watching netflix.

So, celebrate yourself and the week gone by.  YOU deserve it, YOU are worth it. 🙂


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1/2 avocado
  • handful of kale
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • ice (optional)

Add all ingredients in a blender.

Then blend away!!

Enjoy and may you have a good start to your week!





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