Springtime product swap (All-Natural & Organic)

Disclaimer: not a sponsored post, all opinions are mine.

It’s officially my first Spring in Canada, the flowers are blooming, the leaves are green, birds are singing, and everyone is coming out of hibernation.  You can feel the energy of the city bursting with life again.

Indeed spring has sprung, and it also means that spring cleaning is an S.O.P! So my first order of business is to swap my current makeup/beauty products to a clean and green option.

I’ve been wanting do a safe swap for a while now but sometimes find myself in a state of procrastination.  I threw out/ gave away 80% of my conventional makeup before we moved to Toronto but I still have 20% of conventional items in my possession. Some just hidden in a drawer and gathering dust. It’s time to do something about it.

Over time I have become a more practical consumer, giving a lot more consideration to factoring in cost and convenience when purchasing an item. I also prefer to use products that are clean, eco-friendly, pocket friendly, contain quality ingredients, while still performing like a conventional product, if not better.

Striking this balance is important to me, and I have no doubt many others struggle with the same decisions.

I’ve basically lived with a minimal makeup collection and had a staple “no-makeup” look for the past few months.  It takes a lot of self-discipline to prevent myself from buying conventional makeup.  What worked for me, was to use my cold turkey days searching for products that can replace the conventional items in my makeup bag.

Slowly but surely, I’m building my  all-natural, and organic makeup essentials kit.

Let’s start off with MASCARA.


A mascara is an asian girl’s best friend. If you’re of asian descent you’ll understand. If you’re asian but have long lashes consider yourself lucky!

I’ve been loyal to the drugstore mascara brand for years because I didn’t know any better. I’ve also tried other all natural mascara brands but it didn’t cut it for me.

Enter this magical LILY LOLO mascara.  It’s a makeup brand from the UK and is clearly making the rounds on the world-wide-web for it’s performance as an all natural mascara.

I ordered the mascara here.


I love this mascara because it really lengthens and volumizes your lashes.  The mascara can be buildable depending on the look you want to achieve; perfect as an everyday makeup essential with clean ingredients.  It has a gentle formula for sensitive eyes and can be easily removed with water, coconut oil, or your preferred natural makeup remover.

There’s no B.S here, this mascara works wonders for my non-existent lashes.  I’m definitely swapping out my conventional drugstore mascara and will continue to purchase this mascara when I run out.

I’m giving this mascara 5 stars!


I love a good matte lip crayon.  It’s a lifehack for looking fab.  Don’t you agree?

This lipstick has a creamy texture with good pigmentation. It glides easily on the lips and has a staying power that doesn’t easily transfer on surfaces and I’m all about that.  I wouldn’t give this a high rating because it’s not a squeaky clean lip crayon in terms of ingredients. However, it delivers as good as a conventional matte lipstick and contains no parabens.

Let’s discuss COLOR, this shade didn’t deliver to it’s true color as shown on the tube.  I expected the color to lean more on the red or brown shade, but it turned out to be more on the mauve/ dusty rose shade and looks a little purplish on my lips too.

The color is still pretty and wearable, but it wouldn’t be my everyday lip color.  I love a subtle shade for  everyday wear.  However, all things considered, this lip crayon is gorgeous as it is and a refreshing color that is perfect for spring!

I ordered the lip crayon here.

I’m giving this lip crayon 4 stars!

*Btw, my skin color is medium, with yellow undertone.


Don’t we all agree that whiter teeth look healthier, and gives you a boost of confidence when you smile?  The answers may vary from person to person, but studies have shown that human beings are naturally attracted to beauty and generally trust a person with pearly whites and straight teeth.

I have tried all kinds of natural teeth whitening methods like oil pulling, activated charcoal, black toothpaste, baking soda, and homemade hydrogen peroxide solution.   My dentist won’t be so happy to hear about this. He wants to whiten my teeth professionally and I’m hesitant to do the procedure because  of the relative expense and issues around tooth sensitivity.

So here I am looking for an alternative way to whiten my teeth. I saw this pen making the rounds on Instagram where it has been consistently endorsed by my favorite green beauty bloggers.  I decided to give it a try.

I was drawn to the promise of “2 shades lighter in as little as 2 days.”  Obviously, results may vary depending on the shade of your teeth, how often you drink coffee, wine, and other colored beverages.  I would be the perfect candidate because I stand guilty-as-charged when it comes to drinking dark colored beverages/ drink.  It also doesn’t help that the process of aging naturally turns our teeth yellow.

So hear ye, hear ye.  This teeth whitening pen uses food grade peroxide, organic coconut oil, and organic xylitol.  The ingredients are minimal and don’t contain any harmful chemicals.  For those of you who have sensitive teeth or don’t want to use peroxide, they also have a peroxide free option. I love that this pen is so handy – very easy to use, whether at home or at work.


Click the pen 20 times or so until you see the gel coming out of the pen. Click 1-2 times or when you see the gel coming out of the hole and brush on each surface of your tooth for a few times using a scrubbing motion. Repeat the same process on your lower teeth.  Use it 3 times a day and refrain from eating/drinking for 30 minutes after application.

*****Make sure to avoid the area near your gums  (it will burn.)

I ordered the teeth whitening pen here.


I’ve used the pen consistently for a few days to see if it’s promise holds true and, while the results weren’t as dramatic as I had expected it to be, my teeth looked slightly brighter.

It didn’t lift the yellow stain on my teeth but I’ve only used it for a week so I’m still hopeful it can make my teeth a few shades whiter.  Let’s see how it goes after I’ve completely finished using the pen.  I will post an update here for my final review so stay tuned!

I hope my reviews helped you in making a decision whether you’re looking into buying these products or simply looking for a green option.

Swapping it out is fun and liberating.

What makeup/beauty products are you swapping or have swapped for a clean and green option?  Comment below, don’t be shy! 🙂

BTW, If you’re in Canada and would like to order the products, I get mine from Socialitebeauty.ca 

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