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Hi guys!

In a few months, I will be embarking on an adventure with my husband.  We’re moving to Lagos, Nigeria, and to a new home. While we don’t currently have many possessions – as most of our belongings are in storage – we have managed to pick up a few contemporary pieces over that past year in Toronto that will accompany us to our new home.

We will be moving into a place that is already furnished. While this is great for young families starting out, and people who elect to leave all their furniture in the storage, the realities of moving into a pre-furnished home can be challenging for someone who is particular with the design and style of her surroundings. That said, I’ve learned from prior experiences that you can make certain things work by augmenting a few key elements of design and decorating elements to better suit your style.  A simple addition of throw pillows, rugs, or plants can make a big difference.

So, I’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest and interior design websites to scour for inspiration for our next apartment, found a number of photo inspirations that reflect my style and the environment we are moving into.

It will be 30 degrees all year round in Lagos, so I want to have a space that is bright and airy and filled with as many plants as possible. I am hopeful I find the indoor plants that I am looking for – e.g. cacti, philodendrons, snake plant, and orchid among many others.


Disclaimer: PHOTOS are NOT MINE.  Please see the links to the original source under each photo.  

Photo source is from link here

Photo source: Alyssa Rosenheck for Amanda Barnes Interiors link here

Photo source:  Anthropologie X Mara Hoffman (unfortunately I couldn’t find the original source of this photo, grabbed this from pinterest instead)


Photo source: 

Regardless of where we live, we will always look to build a home environment based on inspiration, and what we can find around us.

How about you? What are your design inspirations for your living space?







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