Cherry Blossoms in Toronto


Spring has sprung and in keeping with my effort to post once a week at least, here’s a short blogpost on the Cherry Blossoms in Toronto.

There are  destinations all over the city where you can enjoy this lovely sight. Just like in Japan, the cherry blossoms in Toronto are symbolic of the beginning of spring,  and across the city locals and tourists alike gather to appreciate the beauty of these lovely trees.

You can see the Cherry Blossoms in places like High Park, Toronto Islands, Trinity Belwood Park, and in this case at St. Robart’s Library.

I went with my friend mid morning hoping to arrive with less number of people but to our dismay the place was already filled with people taking selfies, group shots, and bystanders watching other people.


I have a confession to make, we didn’t just go to one location.  We decided to go to High Park (insert monkey emoji here) because the blossoms are much pinker and fuller.

The day we went  I emptied my flash card from my computer so I have the freedom to take unlimited photos but this was not the case.  Instead, my memory card acted up and it says “card is full” even after I’ve deleted the files. Anywho, my samsung phone saved the day.

Attempting to do a dancer’s pose but I’m scared I might rip my pants off so instead I’m just feeling mama tree’s energy.  

Click gallery for photos taken from my phone (Samsung S5)

Have a good week! xo

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