Vintage Sequin Jacket- a thrift shop jackpot

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The rise of fast fashion is slowly becoming catastrophic to our environment.  It produces 80% of textile waste in landfills.  It’s horrifying isn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking, you want to be on trend with the latest fashion.  You want to look instagrammable and stylish or simply yet, you just want to feel confident with what you’re wearing.

I feel the struggle, I want to be stylish but I also want to do something about this environmental crisis.  It may seem small, but doing something as little as thrift shopping or wearing sustainable clothing can also influence others to do the same.

If you’ve been reading my previous blogpost, I’ve mentioned that I have a proclivity to vintage and thrift shop buying.  I go thrift shopping when I can, and if I do need to buy something new from the store, I ask myself 100 questions before handing over my money. I certainly take my time when shopping, I would often visualize how weird I look if somebody was watching me from the cctv camera, marching to and fro in the store.  It’s the only way I can make sure I’m not pressured in buying something I don’t need.  Thank goodness for Canada’s return/exchange policy.

These are some of the questions I ask myself:

a. Do I really need it?

b. Quality of clothing (stitches, type of fabric- is it synthetic or cotton, longevity)

c. Is it a versatile piece? Will it match my other outfits?

d. Is it economical?

e.  Will I wear this item for years to come?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to have different options when you’re choosing an outfit but if you only have a select few to choose from, life becomes simpler and less complicated.  That way, you can focus your attention on other things, no? Take it from the girl who used to spend hours in getting changed, alternating from one outfit to another that I sometimes forget to eat. No bueno.

Besides, wearing the latest trend doesn’t always translate to being stylish.  If anything, you just look like that girl seated next to you at the subway train.

If you can sense the minimalism in my attitude you’re right to conclude  that I’ve read Marie Kondo’s book Spark Joy The life-changing magic of tidying.  That book helped me weed out the things I don’t need in my life. I’ve given away boxes of clothing and other items before we moved to Toronto. It felt great to let go of things that only takes up space and doesn’t spark joy.  It’s a must-read.

So going back to the topic, I love finding unique, statement pieces (like this sequined jacket) that I can add to my wardrobe.   Thrift shopping is sustainable, pocket-friendly, and most items from a vintage store/ OP shops have pieces that are well-made and still in mint condition.

You just need a whole lot of patience to rummage through a big pile of clothing.  Hey, if Girl Boss Sophia Amoruso did it, why can’t you?  The thrill of finding something unique is part of the thriftshopping adventure.

This jacket is by the brand Adde California which I think came from the 1960s or 1970s, purchased for $28cad. 🙂

This is my girl boss moment, rebelling from the rise of fast fashion. This is my contribution in creating awareness on Slow Fashion, sustainable shopping, and making a conscious decision.

(Disclaimer: I’m not perfect and I sometimes shop from retail brands. It’s about striking that balance between reality and perfection.  That is the beauty of transparency.)

Be authentic, and you do you!

This post will surely need a follow-through. Perhaps another blogpost on how I would style this sequined jacket?


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