Styling an oversized Faux Fur coat

Well hello Canadian winter – nice to finally meet you.
This is the first time I get to experience the real thing, and boy I’m glad to call Toronto my home.  The weather here is a good introduction to the cold – the temperatures are milder in comparison to other cities in Canada like Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa.  Sorry folks, didn’t mean to rub it in but my Southeast Asian roots can’t handle the cold just yet.  I’m still an “Elsa” in training.  Let it go. Let it go.

So, the past few months have been all about getting my winter gear ready.  I recently bought my first quarter length ultra warm parka for the mid-winter season.  I’m happy with my purchase, but I needed another coat to wear for fun – enter the oversized faux fur coat that I found at a vintage store in Kensington market.  It screams fun, chic, and warm.
This oversized jacket is a perfect piece for layering this winter.
First layer: a thermal shirt/ camisole
Second layer: fitted turtleneck shirt
Third layer: puffer vest/ black leather jacket with fleece lining (for extra warmth) / waterfall woolen cardigan/ sweater
Wear something that hugs your body to add warmth. If your wearing something fitted you can belt your coat to make a nice silhouette and to make it look in-proportion with everything else.  If your layering with a thick sweater, you can leave the coat open so you don’t look like a teddy bear.


The temperature was dropping really fast on the day we shot this look.  It felt like -5 C and I had no layers whatsoever.  Just skinny jeans and a turtle neck shirt underneath this coat was definitely not enough. So if you know that you’ll be walking for more than 30 minutes outside, layer it girl or you risk looking cold, and that’s not chic.

For this look, I paired my oversized coat with skinny jeans from Winner’s and Hunter boots that I bought during my first winter visit in Canada almost 2 years ago.  These boots are durable and a great match for Toronto’s slushy days.  I’m  also wearing fleece boot socks for extra warmth on my feet.


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