Beach Vibes – Watamu, Kenya (+VLOG)

It’s been cooling down in Toronto and when the temperatures are fluctuating from 17 to 8 degrees or sometimes even lower, a girl starts dreaming about the sun, sea, and sand.

A girl can dream and I can take you with me.

Before we left the African continent, we were able to squeeze in a beach getaway in Watamu, Kenya.

The place was literally quiet, except for the beach boys hustling their services and wares from time to time.

There were no tourists except us and a few others.  The beach is an understated beauty during the rainy season.  It seemed perfect for people seeking heliotherapy and a quiet moment with the sea.


When I know that I’ll be under the sun for a while, I stock up on products that can protect my skin from the sun’s rays.  I’m fully aware that you can’t go under the sun and expect the products to work like magic, obviously you have to watch for the times you go under the sun and always sunbathe with precaution, right?!

For my face- I got this  cream  from a health food store in Capetown during my last visit – Extra Ordinary SPF day cream .  It’s sustainably sourced and doesn’t contain OXYBENZONE-  according to the EWG “is a sunscreen ingredient associated with photoallergic reactions. This chemical absorbs through the skin in significant amounts. It contaminates the bodies of 97% of Americans according to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”   I use this because it’s light and not greasy, especially when you know you’ll be sweating under the sun.

For my body – I use Jason Sunscreen with SPF45, I can’t say this is an all-natural product but it’s definitely a lesser evil than all the other commercial sunscreens in the market.


My favorite sunscreen is RAW Elements  (not in photo, because I couldn’t find one in Kenya,) it’s non-nano based and it’s safer!

For an all-natural facial mist spray-  I  love ROSEWATER – it instantly freshens and tones your skin, especially on a hot day.


The nautical-inspired bikini was something I’ve designed a few years ago, hand made by a local knitter from my hometown.  🙂

My favorite beach accessory is a HAT, not only is it stylish but this emthunzini hat in particular is rated with a UPF 50+ .

UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is a numerical rating given to clothing to indicate how effectively the fabric blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The highest UPF rating a garment can be assigned is UPF50+, a product that provides “excellent” protection from UV radiation. So that is just AWESOME, right?!

Okay, enough of the products, let’s talk about this lovely beach front in Watamu called PAPA REMO beach resort.  It was a 15 minute drive from the place we were staying at.  They had no guests except us so the staff were incredibly attentive to our needs.

The special tropical drink they concocted every time we went was so good.  They served a a pineapple and mango smoothie  with a skewer of fresh pineapples just right up my alley.

For people who love a good buzz but still want to keep their alcohol to a minimum, their piña colada is a must-try.

I know it’s good because I hovered around the bartender like an eagle to see if he’s using quality ingredients. 🙂  I tend to micromanage the bar for ingredients that  I want in my drink  e.g substitute sugar with honey, fresh lemon on the side and what have you.

He blended fresh coconut meat with sweet, juicy pineapple and added a splash of white rum. It was the best piña colada because it tasted good and it’s made with fresh ingredients.

Not sure if being the only people in the beach resort helped with the hospitality but it surely worked to our advantage.


Lastly, I’m loving this fringe bucket bag from Bush Princess, it’s a luxurious kenyan brand that uses ethically sourced leather.  The leather is sustainably sourced from a variety of Kenyan tribes who graze their animals in the vast african plains and produce leather of the highest quality.

And to top it all off, here’s a short video of our trip to Watamu, Kenya.

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