The Toronto Islands

Hey beautiful stranger.  I’ve been MIA for a while, moving to another country has consumed most of my time and energy.  A month after moving, here I am, still getting our place organized and struggling to find the time to write.

Coming from Nairobi, Kenya, I feel like a small town girl again.  Honestly, I’ve no idea what to expect from a city like Toronto but just a few days of being here, It was love at first sight.  And what better way to explore a new city is to do something touristy.  My friend and I hopped on a ferry boat to spend half a day in the Toronto islands.  It’s  located just offshore from the city; a popular recreation destination for  different folks of different strokes.

Just a fair warning for you guys planning a trip there, expect a massive crowd and a long queue when you purchase your tickets.  If you want to avoid the line, you can buy your ticket here, they have a special lane for pre-purchased tickets.  Now, it doesn’t guarantee priority boarding but you can definitely bypass the ticket line!




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We enjoyed a 2 hour tanning session by the beach.  As you know, fall is just around the corner and the weather will change in a few weeks from now. The tropical girl in me wants the summer to last all year round but we know that’s not happening.  So, we’re enjoying the warm weather as long as we can!

The island offers bicycle rentals for recreational bicyclists.   It’s a perfect way to see the island.

NOTE: Remember to bring cash. The bike rental place is CASH BASIS ONLY!

We rented a single bike per person.  There is a $10 deposit, and it costs $8 per hour.  For more information about the bike rentals go here.

You can also rent canoes, paddle boards, and kayaks! There’s plenty of activities to do in the island depending on what you like including, sashaying down the beach in your birthday suit.  The Hanlan beach on the western shore offers CLOTHING-OPTIONAL for beachgoers.  It’s strongly recommended that you follow the rules – resist the urge to oggle! lol

Hat: Brimzofficial Top: Topshop Shorts: I don’t remember the brand (had it for 10 years now!)


If you noticed the phrase on my canvas bag, it says MOTHER PACKER. lol

Another tip:  if you intend to go biking, carry a backpack instead of a shoulder bag.

It was a hassle to maneuver a back pedal when your bag is hanging on the side of the bike.

Toronto 10

This place was lovely, can’t wait to go biking here again.









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