THANK YOU 2015. HELLO, 2016!




Happy 2016 to everyone!

I have been off the radar since the beginning of December 2015 as I was visiting my family and friends in the Philippines, and organizing my wedding at the same time.

During that time, I took the time off from social media to focus on things in my life that truly matter (like organizing my wedding, which I will discuss in a separate blog post.)

I have returned to Nairobi refreshed and ready to work towards my goals for 2016.

Are there any changes you want to make in your reality this year? Are you going to live a healthier lifestyle,  focus on getting stronger,  or  perhaps traveling to places you haven’t been? Are you going to focus on your financial freedom? Whatever it is that you want to prioritize for this year, may you have the determination and drive to achieve those goals.

Have a good start for 2016 and make your 365 days count! I know I will! 🙂





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