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Do you know how it feels to have a great idea, but no immediate sense of how to actualize it? This was exactly how I felt for the past few weeks while trying to wrap my head around starting this blog.  Seriously, how do successful bloggers do it?  I’ve spent countless hours and sleepless nights in front of the computer trying to navigate the ins-and-outs of starting a blog/ website.  At times, the learning process was frustrating, and often mundane – I knew nothing about WordPress, coding, and other technicalities.  Not being the most tech-savvy person you’ll ever meet, there were times when I wanted to pound my head against the wall because I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for. Or, in cases when I did manage to get the answers I was looking for, my host provider would say something like “ftp.access file” or “php.admin” or “logs”  etc. “What the heck is he talking about?” was a common refrain during the process.

 Having persevered, I can give myself an energetic pat on the back because here I am – writing my first entry.

I can laugh at this now, as something really good has come of it. I am learning new skills, and new things about myself. I still have a lot to learn but, but am very excited to have taken this step forward. As much as I want this blog to benefit you, I’m also doing this as a way to stay focused and connected while living abroad – being away from family and friends, and navigating new experiences can be overwhelming.

In the coming weeks, my site will feature a selection of NATURAL and ORGANIC handcrafted lipstick and lip balm products that I have been busy developing over the past few months.   Stay tuned, and thank YOU for following along!




Grendel  a.k.a The Green Doll

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